Getting down to it

A root cause is an initiating cause of a causal chain which leads to an outcome or effect of interest. (Wikipedia)

Traditional Xhosa mouthbow player

Traditional Xhosa mouthbow player Madosini

This easily describes World Music and the continual evoltion of the cultural sounds that have developed with time. I want to talk about this music, and some of the genres that it has developed into as we come closer to home, and todays global music.

I will present stories that not only look to today new world music, but also celebrate yesterdays inspirations.

This will be about music, and the people who create timeless tracks, albums and live shows that lift our souls!

This will be my journey – join me along the way.


4 Responses to “Getting down to it”

  1. Looking forward to hearing the stories, Rouvanne. Perhaps it’ll give me something to talk about when I play the tunes đŸ™‚

    • Rouvanne Says:

      Hey Leigh – thanks! Robert and I were just now talking about you because he said I should let you know that I will be puting out some amazing MELT 2000 archive material. So I will be sharing many stories of the past, while also enjoying the present!

      Keep up the music! And keep well

  2. Very nice to see you writing. Looking forward to seeing more in the future.

    • Rouvanne Says:

      Hey KB – thanks for stopping by, and nice to see that you’ve found me here! Keep coming back! I need the stats! Hehehe

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