Interview at the Pan African Space Station

melt-logo1I was fortunate enough to spend an evening at the Pan African Space Station (PASS) with DJ Ntone Edjabe, while he was interviewing Robert Trunz and playing a wide selection of tracks from MELT albums.

The PASS podcasts are streamed out during the festival months of July to October, and so you’ll have to wait a while before you’ll be able to get insight into Ntone’s passion for music for the label, and of course to hear some of Roberts stories from the early days of his first musical trips to South Africa in the 1990’s. Oh – and I give a little punt for this new blog too – as by then there should be loads more interesting material on this site!

Robert has returned to the MELT farm in Cullinan, Pretoria, and I will be going up to see him at the beginning of May. He will be supplying me with a new terabyte hard drive full of video’s, audio interviews, music that is as yet unreleased and other material for me to be able to provide the most comprehensive story of MELT’s history, and insight into most of its artists.

Moses Taiwa Molelekwa (1994)

Moses Taiwa Molelekwa (1994)

There are so many names that will forever remain an important part of this countries history, such as Moses Taiwa Molelekwa, who’s birthday it would have been today, Busi Mhlongo, Pops Mohamed, Sipho Gumede, Mabi Thobejane, Amampondo and Madosini, with collaborations and bands such as PedXulu and Juno Reactor, amongst others, having their story told too.

So it may be slow to start, but once The Roots Cause is up-and-running, it will be one of the main archives of not only what has been Hot n’ Happening in SA, but that which still inspires us today!

As I said, this is a journey, and we’re only starting now!


2 Responses to “Interview at the Pan African Space Station”

  1. Lovely design, awesome colours… cant wait for you to start posting your passionate stories.

    Proud of you

    Love Len

  2. Rouvanne Says:

    Thank you darling… gotto start somewhere!

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