Plush Rage On

Rage On (Delux Edition) by Plush

Rage On (Deluxe Edition) by Plush

Every now and then an album comes along that touches one personally; that draws one it’s lyrics and melodies; and that ends up living in your CD player. An album that you want to sing out loud once the words have imprinted themselves on in your brain; and album that grips you emotionally every time you hear it!

At the end of 2008 Sheer Sound sent me the newest release from Cape Town based Plush, the Deluxe Edition of Rage On (SEED 117); their third album, but first without Chas Smit who was tragically killed in 2005 the night they released their second album A few blinding views.

Plush the band

Plush the band

Plush hadn’t really appeared on my radar before now, but after having received this newest offering, I have become a firm, and total fan!

There are so many tracks on Rage On that make you want to sing out loud, tap your hands to the beat, or reach for a tissue as your heart-strings are plucked. The album includes the #1 singles “When Grace Grew Tall”, “Lucky Fish” and “All For The Better”, having been remixed and remastered and also includes two brand new recordings, “Halo” and “Life”.

But – it is Chas Smits solo contribution with the track “Last Breath”, written by him and performed on piano, in which it is almost as if he foresees his own passing, that really affects the listener.

“I won’t rest uneasy tonight
Cos my fear went out with the bedside light
And I’ll dream of those, who love me so
I wont rest uneasy tonight
Gonna lend my life to the morning light
no regrets of shame
Ive left this soul, a long time ago”

And then track number 11… Rage OnRory Eliot sings about the loss of his dear friend Chas, and in his words every person who has ever lost a loved one; had a friend taken away untimely will blub not only for his loss, but your own.

Plush live at Kirstenbosch

Plush live at Kirstenbosch

“If our roads now at dead-end
Still cant believe you’ve been taken
God knows you were my best friend
And I know you were a godsend

But come out come out
where ever you are
surprise me with a kiss
or a knock at the door
because I will forever
be waiting, for something”

On a positive note, and especially in light of the world’s financial disarray and the turmoil many people seem to be experiencing in their lives, myself included, I find allot of good energy in the track number 6 “These Days“, which reminds us that no matter how good things seemed to be in the past, these days will always be the best in our lives. Live for today, remember yesterday, and look forward to tomorrow – a healthy way of looking at life.

So if you haven’t yet had a chance to listen to this amazing album – get out and buy it.

Plush is made up of lead guitarist and vocalist Rory Eliot, drummer Ben Peters, bass player Emilio Gassibe and Carl Wegelin on guitars.

UPDATE 09/04/20 – Just found this awesome video of “All for the better”, and I think that, as they say, ‘the proof is in the pudding’! Not only is the music great, but their social message is absolutely true – enjoy this folks!


4 Responses to “Plush Rage On”

  1. Excellent! Thanks for the great review Rouvanne!

  2. It certainly is thoroughly enjoyed in our office!!


  3. I have been searching for the deluxe edition of Rage on and stumbled across this blog. I could not better express the sentiment when listening to one of their albums, I first bought “All that is should be” after befriending Rory on a holiday cruise, we hung out and he played a couple of his songs in the cabin, and I was absolutely gobsmacked, and bought the album a few months later through a mutual friend who brought it to London for me. A couple of years on and I lost touch, and by chance put their name in to Spotify after installing it, and have had the album “Rage On” on constant repeat, thus bringing me to to my search for the deluxe edition [thanks for the seed link!!!!!!!]

    Thankfully this has also put me in touch with Rory again [thanks to WEB 2.0] just in time to learn that he is about to embark on a solo album, which I shall await eagerly, as I have never know anyone to capture life in music, After meeting him I said he reminded me of a modern day Bob Dylan.

    Bring on the new Album, and best of luck Rory!!!!

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