Chris Chameleon goes Ap(i)e, and tours

Chris Chameleon

Chris Chameleon

Chris Chameleon is a vocal genius. Whether he is singing in English, in Afrikaans, monkey language or alien speak, his vocal range and ability to paint a picture for the ear keep him shining as one of the most exciting language cross-over artists in South Africa.

Nominated for 4 South African Music Awards for his 2008 release Klassieke Chameleon, including Best Male Artist and Album of the Year, and also MTN Record of the Year for Sterredank – Chris proves to us again and again, year after year, what a class act he is.

Kyk hoe lyk ons nou

Kyk hoe lyk ons nou

Chris is going to be touring the Netherlands again at the end of April and beginning of May. It’ll be his first tour with a band (Band) since his Boo! days. This means he will be missing the SAMA’s ( 1 & 2 May) because he will be up on stage doing what he does best; entertaining his audience and in the process, giving birth to new fans. Just without the pain… I’ll be looking forward to reviews!

Before he jets off he will be loving locals, with gigs around South Africa at the following venue’s:

22 April @ Damas Restaurant, Worcester
24 April @ D’aria Wine Estate, Durbanville
25 April @ Hazendal Wine Estate, Brackenfell
26 April @ Pienaardam Ontspanningsoord, Middleburg, Mpumalanga
27 April @ Janharmsgat se Agterplaas, Cullinan

Then the Band’s Netherlands dates are:

Cafe Barok, Arnhem, NL

Cafe Barok, Arnhem, NL

29 April @ 20h00 – Cafe Barok, Arnhem, NL
30 April @ 15h00 – Effenaar, Eindhoven, Queensday Festival, NL
1 May @ 22h00 – So What, Gouda, NL
2 May @ 21h00 – Cul-de-Sac, Tilburg, NL
3 May @ 20h00 – Ekko, Utrecht, NL
5 May @ Bevrijdings Festival, Den Bosch, NL
6 May @ Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Amsterdam, NL
9 May @ Patronaat Cafe, Haarlem, NL

But – I am chuffed to say – Hot Off The Press – I just found a new little video from the newest Chris Chameleon offering (13 March) Kyk Hoe Lyk Ons Nou with the cute track “Apie”.


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