Just Jinjers Milk n Honies acoustic

Just Jinjer

Just Jinjer

Just Jinjer is one of South Africa’s most exciting exports. Having entertained audiences in this country and set-up solid fan bases in every city, the group continues in the same vein by making waves overseas since their relocation to the United States where they were signed by Curb Records, Inc from Nashville in 2008.

Everyone who has heard ‘What He Means‘ cannot but be blown away by the beauty of lyrics that have real meaning, and that tug at the heart-strings in a track that begs for Peace, Love, More Tolerance, Faith, Hope, Trust in the same name of God. (The video is a bit dodge – but it gives a backstage perspective…)

Just Jinjer - 46664 Ambassadors

Just Jinjer - 46664 Ambassadors

Just Jinjer is still the number one selling rock band in S.A.’s history, and with a CV that is getting longer and longer and more and more impressive, that can only continue. They’ve performed and toured with so many big names; such as U2, the Counting Crows and Def Leppard; and of course with South Africa being so close to their hearts, their 46664 concerts add their names to a long list of passionate performers.

What I do enjoy is that lead singer Ard Matthews puts issues like the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe at the front of their fans minds by speaking out, singing out, and taking a stand against the madness that has prevailed in that country.

This morning Ard updated Twitter with a little acoustic jam of an upcoming track Milk n Honies – with some great backing vocals from Brent’s son Riley. Enjoy it, and remember to support to boys when you see them gigging in your area!


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