Celebrating Africa Month

May - celebrating Africa Month

May - celebrating Africa Month

The month of May was declared Africa Month, to further promote Africa Day (25 May) which commemorates the establishment of the Organization of African Unity. Still quite an interesting concept when you consider how much conflict we have to read about around the continent, but then it did take the EU decades, and a couple of wars, to get its story together – whether you agree with its formation or not, it has created an economic powerhouse.

Here, at the bottom end of Africa, there will be a celebration too, hosted by The Cape Cultural Collective & The District Six Museum featuring poetry, dance, music and art from the continent. Below is the invitation I received for the event this Friday (22 May) at the District Six Museum (25A Buitenkant Street, Cape Town).

Africa Alive invitation

Africa Alive invitation

Although none of these musicians will be appearing at this event, this is my own little form of celebration! Vivid Africa is such an awesome combination of artists from around South Africa.

Vivid Africa

Vivid Africa

Featuring outstanding artists such as Greg Georgiades (oud, flamenco guitar), Ashish Joshi (Tabla), Siya Makuzeni (vocals, trombone), Wynand van der Walt (drums, percussion), Mlungisi Gegana (acoustic & electric bass) and of course, the wonderful McCoy Mrubata (saxello, alto & tenor saxophones, flute), this little video is of the group preparing to perform in Lesotho.

Here’s to celebrating our Africaness!


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  1. Excellent video. More please

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