aKING – Against all odds

aKING - chart toppers!

aKING - chart toppers!

aKING remains one of our favourite Rock bands, and that’s even though we have only had the pleasure of listening to their first album Dutch Courage, over, and over, and over, and over again. But that is set to change… Here is the press release I received this morning!

Following the runaway success of their first full length album “Dutch Courage”, aKING present “Against all Odds”, their next delivery of chart-topping power tunes.

Against all odds

Against all odds

Produced by multiple award winning producer Theo Crous, “Against all Odds” introduces marked progression and a new edge to aKING’s pop rock identity.

The eleven new tracks offer a variety of melodic moods, for example the punchy pop rock title track “Against all Odds”, classical rock arrangements like “The heart of a Fool”, and an anthemic ballad “You and I”. The melodical sing along acoustic arrangement of “Know your Bones” showcases aKING’s brilliant song writing abilities. The track “Face-brick Constellations” provides you with a lush indulgence in Southern Mississippi dark swampy guitar sounds.

Laudo Liebenberg

Laudo Liebenberg

The lyrics were once again co-written by Laudo Liebenberg and Hunter Kennedy.

Laudo says: “It wasn’t so hard to say what I wanted to say this time round. The writing process flowed much more easily.”

I find delight in empty days – I take my counsel with wine.” From “You and I”.

I know my language has always been my limit – and this slurred speech is my own.” From “Heart of a Fool.”

Hunter Kennedy

Hunter Kennedy

Glorious mistakes are anxiously waiting to be made – in the nervous arms of a breakdown I find embrace.” From “Know your Bones”.

aKING manages yet again to capture the strange contrast of their unique socio-political situation. Whereas “Dutch Courage” had a more tongue in the cheek ring to it, “Against All Odds” is more direct, cutting to the bone. It is still driven with the infectious, sing along positive energy that currently distinguishes aKING as one of SA’s most significant bands.

Hennie Van Halen

Hennie Van Halen

Track List
Set Ourselves Up
Fork In The Road
Face-brick Constellations
The Heart Of A Fool
Gentile Gentleman
You And I
Against All Odds
Blood Or Glitter
New Clear Season
The Wishing Well
Know Your Bones

Snakehead Venter

Snakehead Venter

Here are some up-coming performances dates:
May 27    Back 2 Basix     JHB
May 29    Firkin     Centurion
May 30    The Woods     JHB
Jun 2        Tings n Times     PTA
Jun 3        Tings n Times     PTA
Jun 10     The Assembly     Cape Town
Jul 3         Die Alte Feste     Windhoek
Jul 15       Halfjaar Kalender     Pretoria

Then I found the following little note on Twitter this morning:

Face-brick Constellations’ by aKING tops charts only one day after release.

That’s pretty awesome stuff!

You can download the album at the Rhythm Online Music Store, but in the meantime, here is The Dance from Dutch Courage!


3 Responses to “aKING – Against all odds”

  1. […] This post was Twitted by Rouvanne – Real-url.org […]

  2. Ah Rouv, I totally love this song and this band! Have to find this on Youtube and fav it! =)

  3. Yolanda Mbanguzi Says:

    wel the first track I heard was against all odds and Damn was it good…I know hav the Whole album and I think that it is eccentric and dominantly potrays the excellency and serenity of rock music..thank you guys and keep it up

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