South Africa feels alive with excitement

Green Point Stadium

Green Point Stadium

As a further celebration of what South Africa is able to offer in terms of possibilties, in this Africa Month, the country seems to be a constant state of excitment with our sporting codes standing up and making us proud! And we have good reason to – but it goes so much further than just sport, because almost every single industry is involved in ensuring that our events are a world class success!

Beautiful Cape Town

Beautiful Cape Town

This weekend we host the Super 14 final; in just a couple of weeks we host the FIFA Confederations Cup; we have just successfully hosted the Indian Premier League after only being given three weeks of preparation time; and of course 2010 will be forever remembered as the year of the first African FIFA World Cup football tournament.

Driving around the city these days is quite a mission, with roads being widened and upgraded, stadiums taking shape and changing our city views, and our airports being brought up to international standards, all in preparation for for the world to see what an exciting destination this is.

Damn – I am happy to be a South African today!


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