The ROOTs Cause is here to promote music, and musicians. We’re not here to rip any body off, steal their creativity, or get rich off their names and reputations – we’re here to celebrate music in all styles.

So if we offend you, or if you feel we have broken any copyright laws, feel free to contact us and tell us where we have wronged you – and we will graciously remove any offending material.

We don’t claim to own any of the material on this site. Nor did we direct, produce or create any of the material that we might promote alongside an artists name. And if we did – you will definitely know about it.

So, just so we are straight – we are bloggers. We write about the music we love. We don’t sing (except from the rooftops), we don’t play instruments (except the air-guitar) and we’re not members of any band (we’re either in the audience or backstage)!

It’s that easy. And life’s too short.

Let’s keep the music playing.

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