Just Jinjers Milk n Honies acoustic

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Just Jinjer

Just Jinjer

Just Jinjer is one of South Africa’s most exciting exports. Having entertained audiences in this country and set-up solid fan bases in every city, the group continues in the same vein by making waves overseas since their relocation to the United States where they were signed by Curb Records, Inc from Nashville in 2008.

Everyone who has heard ‘What He Means‘ cannot but be blown away by the beauty of lyrics that have real meaning, and that tug at the heart-strings in a track that begs for Peace, Love, More Tolerance, Faith, Hope, Trust in the same name of God. (The video is a bit dodge – but it gives a backstage perspective…) Continue reading


Dirty Skirts Rolling Like Thunder video

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The Dirty Skirts

The Dirty Skirts

Its a beautiful Friday in Cape Town, a great way to start off the weekend! So, while I was surfing around checking out what was all going on in the music scene this weekend, I found a copy of the newly released Dirty Skirts music video, Rolling Like Thunder.

The Dirty Skirts are going to be playing in Johannesburg at the SA Beerfest, and then at Mercury Live next Friday – the venue where they first appeared as a headline act at the gig that they dubbed “As an Act of Love the Bunnies Drew Blood that Night”. Continue reading

Trail-blazing contemporary African culture converges in Cape Town

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Press Release

So who is Brenda Fassie?

So who is Brenda Fassie?

A multimedia celebration of pop legend Brenda Fassie, an after-dark street procession, artworks on wheels, a transient botanical garden, nearly a thousand 1-minute videos, an exhibition of sex scenes from pan-African literature, an impromptu banquet: these are just some of the projects to see and experience at the CAPE 09 biennale exhibition of contemporary African culture.

The biennale opens in unusual venues and outdoor sites throughout Cape Town on May 2, 2009. For its two-month long duration, public spaces and outdoor sites include the Cape Town Station, the city centre, Langa and Khayelitsha, which will host the visions and voices of some of South Africa, Africa and the world’s most exciting artists. From the comic to the controversial, from the quirky to the extreme, CAPE 09 will challenge conventional forms and staid ideas of contemporary art. Continue reading

Zimbabwean music continues despite odds

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Amandla! - singing down apartheid

Amandla! - singing down apartheid

Music and art mirror the world around us, and the more difficult the circumstances that surround artists, the more intense the result is. Some of South Africa’s most classic cultural expression was created pre-1994, when the majority of this country suffered under an oppressive regime.

During apartheid, music played a vital role in the struggle for freedom.” (Mandla Masingi) Artists such as Mzwakhe Mbuli, Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela, Abdullah Ibrahim and Johnny Clegg were at the forefront of the musical revolution, but now that this country is moving forward we are exposed to more mundane issues like loslappies, aeroplanes, pot-bellies and wet welly’s! Continue reading

Flat (Mac) Stanley back home

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Macstanley, or to us, Flat Stanley

Macstanley, or to us, Flat Stanley

I received an update from the Flat Stanley (Macstanley) crew who have recently returned from their second promotional tour of Germany. The group is really looking forward to being able to tour South Africa again, and they will be kicking it off with shows in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and then finally Cape Town.

I have a history with Andrew Mac, having gone to high school with him, and dealt with his previous business, but thus far have only had the pleasure of enjoying one show of theirs, at the Baxter Theatre, last year September. But I have listened to their album many times over, and I just know that they are going to make it in Europe. Continue reading

Chris Chameleon goes Ap(i)e, and tours

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Chris Chameleon

Chris Chameleon

Chris Chameleon is a vocal genius. Whether he is singing in English, in Afrikaans, monkey language or alien speak, his vocal range and ability to paint a picture for the ear keep him shining as one of the most exciting language cross-over artists in South Africa.

Nominated for 4 South African Music Awards for his 2008 release Klassieke Chameleon, including Best Male Artist and Album of the Year, and also MTN Record of the Year for Sterredank – Chris proves to us again and again, year after year, what a class act he is. Continue reading

Some Goldfish for your weekend!

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Goldfish - pic thanks to Cindy :)

Goldfish - pic thanks to Cindy 🙂

I have really enjoyed watching Cape Town’s own Goldfish rise from the first time I saw them live at the old Rhodes House.

And because it’s a Saturday evening and it’s a wonderful weekend, I wanted to celebrate with a new little live video from a performance at Spiers Amphitheatre on 21 March 2009.

Here’s Fort Knox, featuring Sakhile Moleshe, from the aldum Perceptions of Pacha (CDCLL7072). Continue reading