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Plush Rage On

Posted in ROOTs Review with tags , , on April 18, 2009 by Rouvanne
Rage On (Delux Edition) by Plush

Rage On (Deluxe Edition) by Plush

Every now and then an album comes along that touches one personally; that draws one it’s lyrics and melodies; and that ends up living in your CD player. An album that you want to sing out loud once the words have imprinted themselves on in your brain; and album that grips you emotionally every time you hear it!

At the end of 2008 Sheer Sound sent me the newest release from Cape Town based Plush, the Deluxe Edition of Rage On (SEED 117); their third album, but first without Chas Smit who was tragically killed in 2005 the night they released their second album A few blinding views. Continue reading