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Flat (Mac) Stanley back home

Posted in English Rock with tags , , on April 24, 2009 by Rouvanne
Macstanley, or to us, Flat Stanley

Macstanley, or to us, Flat Stanley

I received an update from the Flat Stanley (Macstanley) crew who have recently returned from their second promotional tour of Germany. The group is really looking forward to being able to tour South Africa again, and they will be kicking it off with shows in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and then finally Cape Town.

I have a history with Andrew Mac, having gone to high school with him, and dealt with his previous business, but thus far have only had the pleasure of enjoying one show of theirs, at the Baxter Theatre, last year September. But I have listened to their album many times over, and I just know that they are going to make it in Europe. Continue reading


Chris Chameleon goes Ap(i)e, and tours

Posted in Afrikaans pop with tags , , , , on April 21, 2009 by Rouvanne

Chris Chameleon

Chris Chameleon

Chris Chameleon is a vocal genius. Whether he is singing in English, in Afrikaans, monkey language or alien speak, his vocal range and ability to paint a picture for the ear keep him shining as one of the most exciting language cross-over artists in South Africa.

Nominated for 4 South African Music Awards for his 2008 release Klassieke Chameleon, including Best Male Artist and Album of the Year, and also MTN Record of the Year for Sterredank – Chris proves to us again and again, year after year, what a class act he is. Continue reading